Welcome !

Barry Blomkamp was a blind man with vision.

Professional Public Speaker, Trainer and Corporate Entertainer.

BARRY BLOMKAMP – Turbo Talk Training:

With numerous years experience on the public speaking circuit and virtually every conference he spoke at evaluating him as “Best Speaker”, BARRY BLOMKAMP was justifiably one of SA’s top * Motivational/Inspirational Speakers; * Sales and Telephony schedulers; and * Corporate Entertainers.

As a Blind man, His Motivation was massively powerful with a “Triumph over Adversity” attitude!

Barry took his years of business experience and developed a series of superb and practical courses on Sales and Telephony success techniques, with fantastic “Take Home Value”.

As an entertainer, Barry did a top class fall-about Master-of-Ceremonies, Facilitator, Compere and Comedy. The bonus was: GUARANTEED INSPIRATION every time with him and his Guide-Dog.

Barry’s client list included most of SA’s foremost blue chip corporates and he was interviewed regularly on Radio and TV.

Barry’s maxim: “You don’t need eye-sight to have VISION” !

After a meteoric rise up the entrepreneurial ladder and well-set to do extremely well for himself, a silly mistake resulted in a car crash which almost took Barry out!

Click here to read more about Barry and his rise to the Speakers of Note fame.

Barry left us to be with his maker on 27th September 2018. He will be greatly missed, but his words, laughter, friendship and kindness will live on forever.!

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5 thoughts on “Welcome !

  1. Barry this is impressive to see people like you who have passion and who believe in themselves, people who accept things as they are, people who dont blame somebody for what happened people who believes that everything happens for a reaseon, some who does not say why me, and people who are not discouraged by the circumstances. Barry explore yourself go on and show the world that its not by the eye sight that you can do better, most people with dissability will also be encouraged. We will suport you and help you grow more and more by inviting you and sharing your expirience and talent with other people. having your webside, details there is nothing which can stop us in inviting to shine on our gathering. As an individual I will support you by telling friends and colliques about your talent.

  2. Good dayeth Barryth, old chap! How art thou? Very larney website, I sayeth!

    Always full of surprises, eh pal?
    Keep it up!

    All the bestos,

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