Bring on the Noisy Shoes?

On Friday evening, my wife and I were sitting outside, having a splendid braai – lovely windless evening – Fully relaxed – quiet little drinkies – dogs just laying about enjoying the company.

I was prattling on about the weeks goings on about nothing in particular – Just chatting. When suddenly on a small question, I got no response. This happens often.

“Am I talking to you?” is my general query. and again no response.

My special lady had silently moved inside to prepare something.

A while ago, I found myself talking to a pillar in the airport! I only found out it was a pillar when I tapped my long cane at it.

Yes, I am blind. When chatting to people who suddenly move away with no indication, is rather a bit irritating.

That’s why I propose Noisy Shoes! I am getting Julie a pair of those little tackies that Squeak!

Blind Barry Blomkamp is the cream of SA’s Motivational Speakers and Corporate Comedians.



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