Time to give your Ears a treat…

Otherwise those ears will never forgive you!


Cream of the crop, Blind Speaker and entertainer, Barry Blomkamp’s
brand new presentation, “Bungled into touch and onto Achievement”
is totally different and is a riveting presentation – in which
Barry inspires you to LIVE FOR LIFE and make the most of your
life’s journey.

Make NOW the time of your personal breakthrough.

Are you prepared for all possibilities? Control it and move your
mind-set in order to position yourself for the economies upswing
and the prizes that will come with that. However your personal
breakthrough must be there first!

This presentation will empower you with realistic tips, strategies
and tools on how to:

* Create and live a meaningful life.
* Design a fabulous impression with your circle of friends.
* Get ahead of the shove and prepare yourself for this time of

Designed for the team who are feeling overwhelmed by the many
pressures of life. This interactive and lively presentation
delivered by Barry Blomkamp will help you to discover how to
simplify your life, get where you want to be, become less of a
discouraged person, learn to take care of yourself and cope with
daily stress. Recommended for any person who has ever wished she or
he had more hours in the day or an extra pair of hands.

it is a tale you must hear. Superbly told in Barry’s incomparable
style, it is the story of the events leading up to his blindness,
the horrific accident, and then the amazing learning process. Walk
with him over the rocks and boulders of his path and learn to adapt
to your very own obstacles.

Barry tells the tale with humour and compassion. You cannot fail to
be moved by this compelling narrative. In just one hour, audiences
become aware of many wonderful new opportunities in their own lives
as they listen to Barry unreservedly share his story. a story of
facing life’s barriers face to face -and his beautiful and clever
guide-dog, Vixen makes the event even more memorable.

A very valuable, “take home” Handout/Worksheet accompanies his

Barry has a commanding stage presence, He has more than 14 years
speaking and entertaining experience, loads of energy and a bucket
of experiences focused on making audiences laugh at life’s
uncomfortable truths, He has performed successfully at numerous
corporate events and top conference centres all around South

Barry is an excellent and remarkable Speaker suitable for audiences
of all shapes and sizes and is guaranteed to keep the crowds
entertained and informed.

For a quote, give Barry a call or drop him a note at 083 230-5753
or <Barry@TurboTalk.co.za>

Thanx and warmest of regards

Barry Blomkamp Nd. Bsc (UL)

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