Unleashing your Passion.

“To understand passion, is to get to the core nature of life, the
very purpose of life, which is to progress and to evolve and grow
toward fulfillment. If we are progressing and evolving, then we
experience joy, energy, vitality and health. If I am passionate
about something it’s because that something brings joy to me,
nourishment to me. That activity is a path of evolution and
expansion for me- expansion of knowledge, influence, power, and
happiness. Pursuit of passion is so basic to life, so intimate to
life, that if you’re not pursuing your passions, you’re not going
to be happy for long. What you put your attention on grows
stronger in your life. You can develop a talent in an area, which
allows you to succeed in that area and thus enjoy progress, success
and evolution.” – Dr John Hagelin –

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Barry Blomkamp Nd. Bsc (UL)
Professional Public Speaker, Trainer and Corporate Entertainer,
Motivational speaker, Guest & Key note speaker, Seminar &
Conference speaker, Team Builder, Comedian, Master of Ceremonies,

For your Strategic Planning sessions, Management or Sales meetings,
Conferences and/or Seminars, Award functions, Year end parties,
Christmas parties,

Cape Town, South Africa.

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