Simplicity in the Work Place:

Albert Einstein once said, “Any intelligent fool can make things
bigger and more complex. It takes a genius and a lot of courage to
move in the opposite direction.”

KISS – Keep It Simple, Stupid.

So often we tend to complicate things, perhaps thinking that the
more complicated the analysis and eventual solution, the higher the
value of the solution. In truth, it is often the simple solutions
that harbor the most value.

How often have we asked ourselves, What does the consumer really
want? What is really most important to communicate in this next
meeting? What are the numbers really saying?

Organizations like Nandos, DHL, and Apple Computers have been able
to win in the marketplace because they went right back to the
basics and offered the consumer a simple solution.

So look for the simpler things in work and life. Eliminate those
things that you do not really need. Free yourself from
excess baggage! Clear the way for a simpler view of work and
everyday life.

Are you, as a Change agent looking for the simpler way?

Everyone Participates!:

We often hear comments like: My ideas don’t count. I’m not senior
enough; They don’t ask for my ideas so I don’t bother sharing
them; and I’m new here so they don’t think I know anything!

What a waste of resources! What a shame to miss out on potentially
creative and useful ideas just because the person wasn’t in the
right position within the organization, or whose length of service
or tenure within the organization was not considered long enough.

How best to integrate change into the mainstream of the

One true way is to encourage everyone to take an active part in
offering new ideas. The power of this simple sounding notion is
underscored by the following observation, made by the CEO of the
Midwest Energy Company (State of Iowa, USA): “We have 1800
employees and, what a powerful thing it would be if all 1800 were
creating ideas and providing their input into how best to get
results for the company, and how best to serve our customers. It
is so much more powerful a way to run an organization.”

Why not include as many people as possible in your strategic
planning processes? In addition to gaining a better
understanding of the organization, they will be in a better
position to contribute ideas based on understanding “The Big
Picture”, as well as on their unique backgrounds and experiences.

Are you, as an Innovation thinker, demonstrating you truly value
the ideas of all employees at all levels in your organization,
including new employees?


Great innovators are not afraid to ask questions in order to
find deeper insights. One of the best questions you could ask
along this line is “Why?” Here are some Why questions to get you

* Why do we call oranges, “oranges”? Why dont we call bananas

* Why dont psychics win all lotteries?

* Why is the slowest time of the day called “rush hour”?

* Why cant we file our income taxes every two years instead
of every year?

* Why are we spending our time writing all of these reports that
only a few people read?

Are you, as a Novel thinker asking lots of probing questions,
including the favorite WHY question?

Do You Focus on The Donut or The Hole?:

We all know we hold the power to respond either positively or
negatively to any given situation. Why is it, then, we know so
many people who seem to enjoy reacting negatively or who are intent
on listing all the things that could go wrong? Why do some people
look for the worst in a situation, while others look for the best?

Is it our schooling, work, family, and other social institutions
that are to blame for training, conditioning, and rewarding us to
find the risks or hazards involved in any given situation, instead
of training, conditioning, and rewarding us to find all the great

Sir Winston Churchill once said, “A pessimist sees the difficulty
in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every

An optimistic mindset is critical for finding innovative ideas, not
only within yourself, but also when encouraging and inspiring
others to look for and try new approaches.

Ask yourself, if you, as a novel thinker, are focusing on the donut
instead of the hole. Moreover, are you helping your co-workers to
do the same?

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