Jody Scheckter’s Organic Farm

Blogger Barry: Jody Scheckter is one of my massive Motor Racing
heros. As a young man I watched him progress from local saloon car
racing to become a World Champion in Formula 1. Later I watched
his 2 sons starting Kart racing and also progress into the
International scene. The below article was sent to me via e-mail
on 31 October 2012.

Jody Scheckter’s Organic Farm

Jody Scheckter started his organic/biodynamic farm in Hampshire to
produce the best-tasting, healthiest food without compromise for
himself and his family. However, when he realised as a smallholder
that it meant eating beef continuously for eight weeks whenever a
cow was slaughtered he decided to make the same food available to
the public.

Jody explains We want to sell our food regionally and “from the
field to the fork”. We sell what we produce i.e. we want to be a
genuine farm shop not just a shop on a farm.

The farm’s aim is to become self-sustaining and self-sufficient,
producing the: Best-tasting, healthiest food, without compromise.

Everything we do stems from that. To achieve this we are creating
the most ideal, natural, healthy environment that will enable our
animals and crops to thrive. We follow nature strictly, but use
the latest and best scientific research, techniques and equipment.

To achieve a natural, healthy environment, biodiversity as well as
slow-growing animals and plants are vital factors. This begins
with the soil.

soil is 90% of farming. there are more living organisms in a
handful of good soil than people on earth! By enhancing the
healthy bacteria and fungi in our soils, this aids plants to absorb
the nutrients effectively and that is what gets the nutrients from
the soil to the plant. We believe we go further than organic and
biodynamic principles.

Biodynamics was started in 1924 by Rudolf Steiner. It was the
first organic movement as Steiner foresaw the destruction that
chemical farming would cause. Under biodynamic philosophies the
farm is regarded as a whole unit – biodynamic preparations are
added to the compost and the land; planting follows the cycles of
the moon as much as possible in a British climate.

Biodynamic and Organic

The 2,500 acres of Laverstoke Park Farm and the parkland at
Laverstoke are certified as biodynamic by Demeter and is classed as
organic by the Soil Association.

Human Health

There are two organisations which most closely meet our human
health philosophies and we find their guidance helpful; Weston A.
Price (of which we are a local Chapter),

and the Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation,

To summarise, they basically recommend the foods that your
grandmother told you to eat, as in years gone by people ate to stay
healthy as there were no antibiotics, etc. We strongly believe
that your health depends upon the food our animals eat so

Healthy Soil = Healthy Grass = Healthy Animals = Healthy Meat &
Milk = Healthy People!

Blogger Barry: Jody’s organic concept is close to my heart. many
years ago, I studied up on the Permo-Culture farming process and to
this day, while I sadly do not have the ground on which to farm, I
have been managing my garden on a fully organic basis for over 30
years. The rewards are; A thriving garden, using less water, and
a garden full of good healthy soil, birds, lizards and insects.
The way nature wants it to be.

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