If Only … Read on…

If Only … Read on…

Hi Friends

If Only… If only I was wearing my Safety belt… If only I
listened to my gut feel… If only I wasn’t so stupid…

I wouldn’t be blind today!

I was the fool! I was the stupid fool who didn’t strap myself in
and use my safety belt!

I was driving my Lotus sports car, got into trouble and crashed it
into a large parked car… at only 45 kph! The impact was enough
to smash my face right into the windscreen! It very nearly killed

That is why today, each and every time I get into a car, I buckle
up… I don’t want to go blind again!

That’s just a small sample of the quirky sense of humour of Barry
Blomkamp, a top Inspirational Speaker and Comedian.

Despite his wonderfully successful life turning into complete ruins
over night, Barry pulled himself through and extracted an important
lesson from his experience. Is there a MESSAGE here for each of

Ex racing driver and now one of SA’s leading Inspirational Speakers
and Corporate Entertainers, Barry Blomkamp presents numerous
business enhancing and team improvement workshops to top
corporations, taking his emphatic life changing message right into
the hearts and minds of many thousands. Barry will let you into
his special recipe of how to deal with the daily adversity and
trauma which effects our lives.

Why is Barry so different – why is it he stands out in a crowd?

“He is confident and easy to listen to with a lovely wacky sense of
humour.” “Barry’s 15 years experience on the public speaking
circuit is clear to see.”

With Vixen, his constant companion and guide dog, Barry is one of
the very few speakers who will imbed an imprint on your thoughts
and in your soul. He has massive ‘Take-home’ value!

Meet the 6-legged pair on their totally re-vamped website by
clicking on… http://www.TurboTalk.co.za

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Magda Burger – Management Burma Plant Hire.

“Thank you for your life lessons you brought to us. definitely
gave us a lot to think about. The team were still talking about
you. You are a remarkable example of how someone can accept
their circumstances and make the most of what they have in life.
The one thing I will always remember is when you said ‘Rather be
an original, than a copy of someone else’ – fantastic!!! It was
a privilege to have met you.”

Barry: “You don’t need eye-sight to have VISION”

Apart from his obvious speaking abilities, Barry is an awesome
Compere, Master-of-Ceremonies and Entertainer. Book him now on
083 230-5753 or Barry.

Blogger Barry: Thanks for your time. Hope you enjoyed. Please
use the comment and follow buttons.

Barry Blomkamp Nd. Bsc (UL)
Professional Public Speaker, Trainer and Corporate Entertainer,
Motivational speaker, Guest & Key note speaker, Seminar &
Conference speaker, Team Builder, Comedian, Master of Ceremonies,

For your Strategic Planning sessions, Management or Sales meetings,
Conferences and/or Seminars, Award functions, Year end parties,
Christmas parties,

Cape Town, South Africa.

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