Every living thing was born of Rain.

Blogger Barry: This is an absorbing extract from “Bring me
sunshine. A wind swept, rain soaked, sun kissed snow capped guide
to our weather” by Charlie Connelly.

Rain is no respecter of class, status, money or fame because it
predates all of those things and will out live them too. Maybe
that is why rain figures so strongly in our culture. It is
democratic, and no respecter of reputation. It reminds us not to
get above ourselves and its shrewdness has a long legacy. The rain
has a wisdom that comes with age.

Rain was here long before we were. There’s been rain for as long
as there’s been water in the atmosphere and a process of
evaporation. Geologists broadly agree that our planet is around
4.5 billion years old and that it had a troubled childhood.

For its first billion years or so,there was some pretty hot gasses
swirling around the place and the young planet was bombarded with
large lumps of rock and all sorts of debris, flying about the
fledging solar system, from the exploding stars which began it all.

There were constant volcanic eruptions all around the young planet.

The acne of geology. but eventually after roughly a billion years,
the earth began to cool and vast amounts of steam and water vapour
formed in the atmosphere. This vapour gathered around specs of ash
and dust to become droplets of water and then it began to rain. It
rained solidly for hundreds of millions of years, forming the
oceans and hammering down on the steaming rock mantel of volcanic
ash and molten lava. It washed minerals and proteins into the sea,
and these materials would eventually combine to spawn life on the
young planet. Everything, every living thing, including us, was
born of rain. (This has been proved in geological studies in North
Eastern India and South Africa)

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