The Wisdom of Mandela Day.

Stuart Pennington, author of the book and website “South Africa:
The Good News” wrote:

“I am in awe of the thousands of South Africans who toil to help
the less fortunate.”

An excerpt from “African Wisdom” by Lanette Hattingh and Heinrich
Claassen entitled The Ostrich Wisdom: Where is your head?

When confronted with a setback you have two choices of action: you
can bury your head in the sand like the ostrich and hope the
problem will pass by, or you can stand tall and face the problem
head on.

“We have one freedom inside us that nobody can take away, the
freedom of reaction/attitude in any given circumstance.” (Viktor
Frankl, the psychologist & concentration camp survivor.)

Our reaction to a setback will determine if we are going to stay
with our heads buried in the sand or look up and do something about

When storms of life pour down on you, it’s what happens within you
that will determine what happens to you.

You have Mr Positive and Mr Negative doing constant battle in your
Guess who wins? The one you feed the most! If your head is in the
sand you can only see the dark and Mr Negative will thrive. To see
the light, you must look up.

“When you are knocked down, be sure to land on your back, because
if you can look up, you can get up.” (Nelson Mandela)

If you are an ostrich and have never faced a setback, you need to
learn these facts about solving problems first:

* Face it! Confront the problem and get the picture clear.
* Rake it! Work through your denial, aggression or depression
around the problem.
* Make it! Look up, stand up and take action.

This is important because just as the sun hardens mud and softens
wax, trials can either break us or make us.

Finally, here is my resolve and my truth:-

* To be positive
* To stop whingeing
* To stop blaming
* To ignore the doomsday jokes sent out by people who want you
to feel as bad as they do.
* To read the Good News regularly
* To join the “stop crime, say hello” campaign
* To find goodness in people
* To commit, regularly, to this beautiful country of ours
* To believe in the Creators plan for us

I know this – that if I do not work to create the life I want, I
will have to endure the life I get.

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