Unconscious Human Behaviour.

Blogger Barry: These are two extracts from “The Ambler Warning” by
Robert Ludlum. I simply found them very interesting. Hope you do
as well.

Extract 1:

Leers frequently look attentively at you after they have spoken.
They want to see if wether you went for the lie or they needed to
do more in order to persuade you.

Blogger Barry: As a blind person, I miss that body language,
however have developed other listening skills to make up for it.

Extract 2:

Human beings space themselves from one another in accordance to
laws they are unconscious of. Two people in a lift divide the
space between them. If there were more than three, eye contact
would be earnestly avoided. When an additional passenger entered
the box, the current occupants would reposition themselves to
maximise the distances among them. It is a small dance, repeated
hour after hour, day after day. In lifts, queues and thronging
pavements all around the world. People acting as if they had been
trained in the manoeuvre, yet totaly unconscious of what impelled
them to move a little farther to the back, a little farther to the
left. A little farther to the right. A little farther to the
front. These elastic and amorphous patterns are real, and can be
found in any society in which crowding and clustering

Blogger Barry: Thanks for your time. Hope you enjoyed. Please
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