How our Dogs teach us what Really Matters.

Blogger Barry: This is a thought provoking extract from “Marlie
and me” by John Grogan.

Is it a crazy concept to consider our animals as mentors? As
teacher and role model?Was it possible for a dog, any dog, to point
humans to the things that really matter in life?

I believe it was. Loyalty, courage, devotion, simplicity, joy, and
the things that did not matter too. A dog has no use for fancy
cars, or big homes,or designer clothes. Status symbols mean
nothing to them. A tatty tennis ball or a crushed plastic bottle
will do just fine.

A dog judges others not by their colour or creed or class, but who
they are inside. A dog doesn’t care wether you are rich or poor,
educated or illiterate, clever or dull. Give him or her your
heart and they will give you theres. It’s really very simple and
yet we humans, so much wiser and so much more sophisticated, have
always had so much trouble working out what really counts, and what
does not.

There are none so blind as those who will not see. Sometimes it
takes a dog with bad breath, terrible manners, and pure intentions
to show us the way.

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