Gammon . mmm recipe.

Choosing the right cut makes it easier to carve afterwards. We
prefer boned to de-boned. The meat is inclined to shrink less, the
bone adds to the overall flavour and is a nice treat for the dogs!

Ideal is the one with a straight bone and not the H bone. Also if
done to perfection and tender, the bone is easy to work out with
your fingers.

Defrost slowly in the fridge for a few days or at room temperature.

We pressure cook a 2kg for 15 min or so before roasting. This
dilutes the saltiness.

If there is crackling, score in a pattern of diamonds.

Roast at 180 for about 90 minutes.

As the crackling lifts, insert a clove in the apex of each diamond.

Now brush with a baste of orange juice, diluted honey, five-spice
and mustard. (Always ensuring that you understand the balance
between the smoky and natural pork flavour, and the need to
counterbalance with a bit of sweetness)

Reduce the temperature to 140.

Slow roast for two hours. The key here is to get the pork meat to
begin collapsing; tenderness is what it’s all about, and pork
tends to be on the tough side, and you need to strike a balance
between overcooking and undercooking . the balance is towards
getting the meat tender and succulent.

When done, leave to rest in the juicy roast pan for at least 20
min. This draws up the juice and relaxes the meat.

Serve with boiled potatoes, sauerkraut and boiled carrots and
minted peas.

The gravy: Deglaze the roasting pan with chicken stock, thicken
with beurre manie (butter melted and thickened with flour). whisk,
strain and serve on the side.

Take extreme care in slicing the gammon, as it can fall apart, and
ensure a bit of crackling goes to each person!

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