Entrepreneurs Courage.

Courage is not the absence of fear. It is the spirit that nudges
each Entrepreneur out each day to smash their frail egos into the
next coalface.

Their business craft was thrust upon them. They lost their job, or
their breadwinner, or they couldn’t find work in the first place.

These are not people who had time to dream big while working from
Mom’s garage as Dad put food on the table.

These are men and women that gritted their teeth and waded into
this self employment fray with no shield other than spandex
underwear because they had no other way to feed their families. I
still meet them every day and they still inspire the heck out of

Almost all are involuntary entrepreneurs. Hearts of steel, although
not one of them would agree. They would tell me how scared they are
and how ashamed they are because of it.

But they’re all a little whacko. Not one grasps what they’ve
already achieved.

Each of these paragons has fed and clothed and loved a family with
no help from the formal economy. Yet they cannot see that for the
superb feat it is.

Each tells me they run “my little business”. (Turnover in the “my
little business” class ranges from R60,000/year to R60Million.)

It is not about “success”. There is no such thing because there is
no shortage of people dripping on you from higher up the pole. Just
as the folk below are, well, you get the point. Worse, even though
you might finally be seeing a distant sky past the bottoms above
you, that pole is slippery. I have met many fine men and women
facing retirement empty-handed after a last-minute reshuffling of
their fortunes.

Success is not a destination. It is an aura as you follow your
journey. (Hint: If the kids are not too scrawny then you are doing
plenty good.)

Success is a thrill to be relished while it caresses you and to be
chased when it teases. Success teaches us little more than hubris.
Failure, on the other hand, is a hard taskmaster but she sure is a
great teacher. You learn faster than you hoped for, which is
success in some weird way.

We are misled by the noise about the few folk that make it
uber-big. Their fame makes them look better than they really are,
and makes each of us feel so much smaller than we really are. Yet
that fame covers just a single facet of their lives.

Blogger Barry: This is a ‘slightly edited copy of one of Peter
Carruthers of Petes Weekly excellent newsletters.

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Barry Blomkamp Nd. Bsc (UL)
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