Jill Ritchie… The Fund Raising Genius.

Blogger Barry: I met this remarkable lady some years ago and she
and her books helped me greatly in fund raising for various

Jill Ritchie started her own business at the age of 18 while also

By 28, she had created jobs for 120 people in a factory with seven
retail outlets. However, she was spending more time doing voluntary
work than anything else. She then entered the NGO sector as a
member of the start up team of the successful Cape Town based job
creation organisation, the Triple Trust, where she initially
trained trainers and ran the organisation’s marketing arm. After a
year, she took over the fundraising (with no experience in raising
money) and, in five years, took the Triple Trust from a budget of
R100 000 pa to R9 million. She then spent five years learning about
and raising sponsorship for the performing arts and then started
her own fundraising consultancy and book publishing business, which
she has run for over two decades, employing a team of 14 with
offices in the UK and Cape Town. She has edited five books and
written 27.

She raised the first ever donation from the UK Lottery (now Big
Lottery) for South Africa (500,000) for St John Ambulance in 1996
and undertook St John’s national fundraising in South Africa for 15

Jill co-managed two multi-million rand capital campaigns
simultaneously for the University of Johannesburg: new buildings
for its Faculty of Arts Design and Architecture and Hotel School.

She has also run capital campaigns for the University of Venda for
an arts facility as well as substantial expansion and upgrading of
sports facilities. She has just completed four years as Rhodes
University’s UK representative, having achieved the goal of funding
a new scholarship, assisting in setting up a bequest society and
arranging a number of fundraising events in London.

She has arranged numerous successful events for South African
charities, raising both funds and friends for the organisations in
the process. All funds raised by Jill and her team in the UK are
for southern and South African charities and universities. She has
declined all offers of work for non-profits in developed countries
? her heart, passion and commitment are for southern or South
Africa and the struggle that seamlessly replaced the struggle
against apartheid with the struggle against poverty.

Jill serves on the Council of Tshwane University of Technology
(TUT). She has pledged her honorarium for this to TUT’s bursary
fund for talented but impoverished students. She guest lectures
twice a year at the Stellenbosch University Business School’s
Non-profit Leadership Programme.

Jill has raised over R2 billion for South African non-profit
organisations and has never ‘creamed off? any commission.’

She is currently actively involved in mentoring a number of senior
people from key organisations in Zimbabwe, all focused on the
financial turnaround of that country.

Despite her world of work having been the not-for-profit sector for
over thirty years, she has never let up on her voluntary
commitments. She was active in humanitarian aspects of the
anti-apartheid movement (caring for family members of Robben Island
prisoners.) Together with the late Father Basil van Rensburg, in
the 1980s and early 1990s, Jill drove initiatives to enable South
Africans “black and white” to meet “not as master and
servant/employer and employee” but as people, as South Africans “to
overcome fear and mistrust” to change hearts and minds” in
preparation on the ground “for the end of the evil of apartheid.”

She has served as a voluntary trustee on many boards over the
years. She has been a trustee of the UK Fund for Charities
www.ukfundforcharities.org for seven years and its chair for the
past five . At the request of the former South African High
Commissioner, Dr Zola Skewiyiya, Jill formed the SA-UK Trust
Network www.sa-uktrusts.org.za

She has dedicated many hours to this initiative since its
inception, funding much of its early costs herself and has achieved
her stated goal at its launch; “to nurture and hold the Network
together, no matter what”. She was warned at the time of its
formation that a number of similar initiatives have fizzled out
over the years and she committed to ensuring that this UK based
network of over 150 entities working for the greater good of their
South African sister organisations, would thrive and flourish.
Today, the SA-UK Trust Network is a registered UK trust (with Jill
having raised the money to enable this to happen, she holds regular
events for its members, is recognised and encouraged by the SA High
Commission in London and raises awareness of the needs of the poor
and suffering in South Africa (when the focus of the world has long
moved to other parts).
She is currently leading an initiative to expand the reach and
support of the SA-UK Trust Network to include UK based
organisations supporting their counterparts throughout the SADC

Jill is a born entrepreneur! never having had a job but rather
having created hundreds of jobs over the decades. Vitally, she
brings refreshing entrepreneurial thinking to her paid and
voluntary work for the non-profit sector. She is an “ideas” person,
regularly overwhelming her team with innovative concepts which they
are required to assist in implementing. She was in fact a social
entrepreneur before the term was coined. Her philosophy in her
career has always been: “doing business while doing good.”

Jill has run many successful fundraising and marketing campaigns
over the years – some paid, some voluntary and others at
substantially discounted rates:

* Managing trustee of Western Cape Emergency Relief Trust (caring
for victims of urban terror in Cape Town during the 1990s) five
years voluntarily.

* Ran the July 2000 fundraising campaign to save 40000 penguins
when the ship, The Treasure, ran aground off Cape Town, spilling
oil (full target raised; biggest animal rescue project in history;
donated a 75% discount fee.

* Worked with Planet Hollywood Restaurant on the opening night of
its first venue in Africa; net profit for charity client of over R1
million from the night.

* Worked with/assisted/advised over 300 southern and South African
organisations, faith based bodies, schools, sports initiatives and
tertiary institutions.

* Conceptualised a funding stream for Childline South Africa,
which, fifteen years later, is still bringing in millions.

* Conceptualised the Mayor of Cape Town’s 2013 Mandela Day
initiative in which the mayor, Bryan Habanna and the Stormers Rugby
team led a food parcel packing initiative for FoodBank SA,
resulting in thousands of grocery parcels for organisations feeding
the poorest of the poor.

* Just completed a contract to conceptualise, plan and guide the
funding of the first Ronald McDonald House in Africa; on the top
floor of the new Nelson Mandela Hospital in Johannesburg.

Each year Jill sets a pro bono budget for free consulting time,
publications, free places on training courses and no charge for
Papillon’s varied services to the sector. Each year this is
exceeded by well over 500%.

Jill and her UK and South African teams offer a unique foreign
fundraising service to southern and South African organisations.
This enables them to cost effectively maximise support for the
not-for-profit sector in South Africa from within the UK and

Jill has been made a Fellow of the Southern Africa Institute of
Fundraising “for three decades of dedicated service and the
development of training publications for the sector throughout the
SADC region.”

Jill is a Member of the Venerable Order of the Knights of St John
of Jerusalem – inducted into the Order in response to her “above
and beyond the call of duty service in raising funds for its
voluntary first aid support for people in the terminal stages of
Aids related illnesses in the early days of the pandemic.”

She has been a member of Toastmasters International for 25 years
and has attained the level of Advanced Toastmaster Gold. She
focuses her public speaking on motivating people to support
non-profit initiatives.

Jill chaired the National Association of Women Business Owners
(NAWBO) Western Cape, which was absorbed into the Business Women’s
Association (BWA), and is a past committee member of the Cape Town

Recognising the critical importance of giving opportunities to
young people, she has hired in her Cape Town office, a young school
leaver (with no work experience or tertiary training) from an
impoverished informal settlement – not as an intern but rather as
a fully fledged permanent staff member. Jill and her team are
committed to fast tracking the mentoring of their new recruit into
the world of work.

In response to the threat of “ageism” preventing experienced older
people from finding employment, she actively seeks retired and
semi-retired people to work as associates under the banner of her
consulting company, thus providing them with an income, an interest
and, vitally, ensuring that the non-profit sector benefits from
their decades of experience.

Jill turns 60 this year and, as she “has enough stuff”, she has
committed to raising enough money from family, friends and
colleagues globally, to have the dynamic organisation, Book Dash
www.bookdash.org create and provide 5000 books to South African
and Zimbabwean children.

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