“After the fire” by Markus Forbinger

Markus wrote this two days after he learned that the beautiful
restaurant, bakery and sanctuary that he and Liezie have spent the
past 13 years creating, was devastated by fire:

8 May 2015

Fire takes and fire gives

Acceptance. Gratitude. Love.

Life is happening to everyone. What happens in life is not good or
bad. It is acceptance of what is and the awareness that what
unfolds is exactly what should be. Accepting what is, is the only
way to be, and to be grateful in that moment.

The support of family, our staff, our guests, the Thesen Island
commercial and residential community and not the least, the
lightning response of the Knysna Fire Department has by far
outweighed the devastating event.

Only now can we feel how much le de pan meant to us as a place of
work, service, play, rest – to share our lives. What initially may
make us feel that something has been taken from us is slowly
replaced by the awareness of an opportunity to create new, to
exercise our ingenuity, to join efforts with the community close
and far, hand in hand and in spirit.

Feelings of abundance are rising from the ruins. Actions of love
and sharing will soon build something new, something inspiring,
something that will fill all of our souls once again. Wholesome
intentions will make way to new creation.

With gratitude for all there is, for your thousands of wishes and
thoughts, for your hope of renewal, for your confidence in that all
will be well.

Our mission has long been defined and re-defined to carry on and
intensify our centre of artisan excellence. Not in a metropolitan
environment where commercial success is secured by sheer numbers,
but in this small beautiful community we call home for almost 13

We urge you all to share with us also your hopes for what comes
next. To exercise your creativity, your vision, your solutions on
how to move forward, in the short term as well as in the longer
term. The new moment is now.

We want to express our gratitude for your support during these
wonderful and crazy years and the last few disheartening days, and
we assure you that we will be sharing communion again in whatever
creation will rise from the fire.

Fire to us is a magic part of our bread making process and I would
like to remind us all that it served us so well not only for our
time, but for thousands of years before that. The last fire has
brought devastation to our creation and destroyed earnest value.

Our beautiful large hand built wood fired oven has been forced to
cool down for the first time in 13 years…

Skilled hands and eager minds are forced to wait until we know what
will be next…

And we are aware that you too are forced to share this
unknowingness with us…

Acceptance. Gratitude. Love.

But Love above all.

Liezie, Markus and the wonderful team that is le de pan.

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