The original naming of Lake Malawi.

Blogger Barry: I’ve just re-read the excellent book “A Game Ranger
Remembers” by Bruce Bryden and give you this thought provoking

Lake Malawi was known for more than a century as Lake Nyasa. It
sounded fine to outsiders but was actually a nonsense name, that
resulted from a misunderstanding. The man responsible was none
other than the explorer David Livingstone, who reached the lake in
1859and as explorers would, asked the locals what it was called.

Their reply was Nyasa. Meaning mass of waters. Knowing no better,
Livingstone marked it on his maps as Lake Nyasa. Which actually
meant Lake Lake, and eventually the whole area became known as

When Nyasaland became independent in the 1960’s, its name changed
to Malawi. A name commemorating a kingdom called Marwe, which is
said to have extended from the Zambezi River to the eastern part of
Mombassa in the 16 and 17th centuries.

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