The High voltage Devil.

Blogger Barry: Here is another amusing extract from Bruce Brydons
“A Game Ranger Remembers”

It is the story of Bruce installing an electric fence to keep
Elephants out of his vegetable patch at his family home in the
Kruger National Park:

The fence generated an impressive spark, so I switched off the
system, only to be gripped once more by that little devil of mine.

Like one being gripped by an evil trance, I hung a pair of pliers
in a strategic spot and switched on the power again, and then
waited for my faithful followers to return from lunch so we could
have the official testing.

When they were all assembled in an expectant half circle, I made as
if to activate the fence, noticed the pliers and asked someone to
remove them. Like the great and good man he was, Amos was the
first to step forward, and what happened then exceeded my little
devils wildest expectations.

As Amos grabbed the pliers, there was a loud crack and his arm shot
into the air, followed by a yell from the rest of him. When he hit
the ground again, he stood looking around with an expression of
total disbelief on his face.

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