Revamp Yourself – Part #1 of 12.

It’s all a MENTAL THING.

“If you think you can, or think you can’t, you are always right.”
– Henry Ford – founder of Ford Motor Corporation.


Each of us is gifted with different abilities, skills, strengths
and weaknesses. You need to establish exactly what you want to do
with your life.

One of the most important keys to being successful is to have a
life purpose – no matter what this is.

You are unique with your own special characteristics. You also
have a unique purpose for your life. You are born into this world
with a small legacy and when you pass on, you will leave this world
with what you have gained. What is it you want to achieve in this

Not having direction and focus in your life is similar to driving
a car without any steering. Life is like an ocean, full of winds
and currents which take you off track if you allow them.

Direction, purpose and focus is the steering mechanism which guides
you through those disruptive currents and winds and gets you to
where you want to be. If you don’t have focus and direction then
you are at the mercy of the currents and winds of life.

Blogger Barry: Over the next few weeks, I’ll be posting my
thoughts on Revamping Yourself in 12 parts. These are Self
Betterment exercises.

Thanks for your time. Hope you enjoyed. Please use the comment
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Barry Blomkamp Nd. Bsc (UL)
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Motivational speaker, Guest & Key note speaker, Seminar &
Conference speaker, Team Builder, Comedian, Master of Ceremonies,

For your Strategic Planning sessions, Management or Sales meetings,
Conferences and/or Seminars, Award functions, Year end parties,
Christmas parties,

Cape Town, South Africa.

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