Revamp yourself part #3.

Revamp yourself part3;


The SURVIVAL ROAD is an interesting phenomena. When we are on the
survival road, we don’t take chances, we play it safe, we protect
our property. All our energy is focused on existing and not on
growing (The path of least resistance). If all your energy is
focused on maintaining, then there is no energy available for
growing. The sad thing is that we end up not maintaining what we
are trying to protect. We in fact start losing it. Your bowl of
opportunities grows smaller and smaller.

Have you noticed when a team is up and doing well, they often go
into survival mode and try to protect their lead. What inevitably
happens, the team starts losing. By going into survival mode, the
team stops attacking and concentrates on defending. The
opposition, who were previously under pressure to defend, now take
up the slack and grab their opportunity to attack. They will
create scoring opportunities. There are many teams who have ended
up losing games they should have won because of the survival road


The ROAD OF SUCCESS goes in the opposite direction to the road of
survival. When you are positive, confident, brimming with energy
and you take calculated risks, opportunities seem to fall into your
lap. You create a road that gets increasingly broader. This
results in life giving you all the right breaks at the right time.

Do you know someone who is very ‘lucky’? Do they have a carefree
attitude? Does this sound familiar, “Somebody up there likes
him/her. He/she always lands with his/her bum in the butter.”

There is no such thing as ‘luck’. You create your own reality!


Generally speaking, nothing that is of great value was ever won
without taking a chance. The smaller the risk, the smaller the
reward. The greater the risk, the greater the reward. Perhaps the
answer lies in taking a calculated risk. Trust your gut-feel and
then go for it.

Another 9 blogs coming up on Revamping Yourself.

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