Revamp yourself part #6.

Part6 of Revamping Yourself…


The fundamental lesson I have learned over the past few years is
that the most important and powerful muscle we have in our bodies
is our mind. Not the physical brain, but the intangible mind.

Like those body-builders on Clifton beach, a well exercised mind
will be noticed. Similar to any other muscle in your body,
Exercise your mind and you won’t be the only one to see the massive

“I think, therefore I am” Renee des Cartes (17th century French

Your Thoughts determine your Emotions, which determine your
Attitudes, which determines your Behaviour and your Physical
Outcome (You are what your thoughts are!)

The most powerful tool you possess is your thoughts. The root of
your behaviour is your thoughts. If you want to change your
behaviour, change your thoughts. If you want to change your
reality, go back to basics – change your thoughts.

When one is in a positive mood, everything seems to go well.
Conversely, if you are feeling negative, nothing seems to go right.

I remember when I spent all those months in a dreary hospital
spending the day doing absolutely ziltch. Allowing my mind to pull
my sprit down into the swamp of depression and misery. I was
really thrown off track. I felt that I had failed as a human
being. I was unworthy. I decided then and there to re-mould these
terrible thoughts and once back at home I would get busy again and
keep myself busy. This was an important step in the right

Being busy does not allow your mind time to dwell on negative
thoughts. But being busy isn’t the only tool needed to crush
negativity. It must be tackled on both a physical front (by being
busy) and on a spiritual or mental front (getting the mind right).

Another 6 blogs to come on this interesting subject.

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