Revamp Yourself part #8.

Part 8 of Revamping Yourself.


To grow personally, one needs to understand the growth of the mind
is evolutionary – it progresses in fits and starts. Closely linked
to bio-rhythms.

There will be periods in your life where you feel you are
stagnating and other times when you are progressing strongly.

Sometimes it is necessary to push hard against a negative flow.
Sometimes it can take ages and a lot of effort. But if you keep at
re-shaping those bum thoughts, you will break through into a
wonderful and amazing life where everything just falls into place.

We are unwittingly programmed since birth to have negative
thoughts. “Don’t climb the tree, you will fall and break an arm!”
instead of “See the lovely view, but please be careful.”

Your thoughts are under-utilised and yet are the most powerful tool
you have in your personal armoury. They are the foundation of your
behaviour. In order to change behaviour, do not focus on changing
the behaviour itself, focus on the thoughts that cause you to have
that behaviour, and then change your thought patterns.

Too often people try to change behaviour by focusing on that
behaviour. i.e. Have you ever said “I need to lose weight so I will
not eat anything tomorrow.” What happens when tomorrow comes? You
wake up and even though you normally don’t have breakfast, today
you crave two fried eggs, sausage, bacon, and toast with marmalade
and a large glass of milk!

It almost becomes an obsession!

Only 3 more articles on this fasinating subject to come.

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