Revamp Yourself part 9.

part 9 of Revamping Yourself.


These exercises are designed to be entirely personal and to be done
by one self. However if you are inclined to show your results to
others, it already shows a determination to succeed.

As these are written exercises, your thoughts will be transformed
into words. This points out the direct relationship thoughts,
words and behaviour have.

Thought Exercise One;

Think of a weakness you might have and write a sentence using the
word “weakness ie “I have a Weakness when it comes to

(allow about 10 lines for written answer)

Now rewrite the above sentence using the words “i have an untapped
strength” instead of weakness.

(allow the same space for a written answer)

Do you see the different feeling the two sentences give you. Read
them out aloud. Even better! Read them out aloud several times –
Wow! Feel the impact they have. As you can see the words/thoughts
we use have a direct influence on ourselves.

Thoughts affect the way we see ourselves. Perceive ourselves to
be, and in turn how we think of ourselves. This is mostly not a
conscious but a subconscious process. The end result is the same,
you make a judgment about yourself as a person – Either empowering
(strength thoughts) or dis-empowering (weakness) thoughts. Repeat
this exercise as often as necessary.

the thoughts we use affect us. They affect the way we interpret
the world out there and they program the subconscious mind. By
rewriting your weakness thoughts into strength thoughts, you are
reprogramming your mind into accepting a new reality no matter what
your current situation is.

Only 3 more articles to come. For best results, collect all the
rest from my site.

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