Revamp Yourself part #10.

part 10 of Revamping Yourself.

Thought Exercise 2:

The results speak for themselves. Let us look at creating a
powerful new mind vocabulary which will assist us to create a
powerful new reality for ourselves.

1. Write a description of how you felt the last time something
really upsetting happened to you. ie. When you did not get the job
or promotion you had been really determined on getting. What were
your inner most feelings? Record your self-talk, even if it might
be crude!

(allow about 10 lines to write it down)

2. Describe how you felt the last time something really good or
fantastic happened to you. Concentrate on how you felt. What
feelings came up? What did you say to yourself?

(Another space for written answer of about 10 lines)

The words you use are a reflection of your thoughts, which are in
turn a reflection of your subconscious beliefs. They give an
indication of your energy level, whether you are positive or
negative. You can often tell if a person is successful or not by
the words they use. Previously we did the Empowering Dis-
empowering style of self-talk. That self-talk manifests in
everyday language. You need to change your focus in order to
create a powerful new you.

Last parts 11 & 12 coming up next week.

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