Revamp Yourself part #11.

part 11 of Revamping Yourself.

Thought Exercise 3:

I spoke previously about balance.

There are always two opposite sides to the same scale. We will use
this principle to change our focus.

Let us take intolerance for example. The opposite side of the
scale is tolerance. If you are a person who is intolerant of
others and you would like to be more tolerant, then simply
eliminate the word intolerant from your vocabulary and substitute
the word tolerant. From this day forth, you never use the word
intolerant. Here are a few further examples.

Old Dis-empowering Word; New Empowering Word/s

Aggressive – Assertive / Tolerant
Angry – Controlled / Energised
Disappointed – Surprised
Fearful – Curious
Hateful – Loving / Kindly
Jealous – Trusting
Lonely – Sociable / Gregarious
Scared – Confident / Enjoy
Unhappy – Joyful / Happy / Gleeful

(Obviously the words must be used in context. For example if you
are too scared to make any decision, then you would substitute
scared for confident, “I am confident when it comes to decision
making, ” even if this does not feel right the first couple of
times you say it. After a period of time it will start to feel
right and you will end up making decisions easily.

If you are however scared of going into a lift, then you would
substitute scared for enjoy, “I enjoy using lifts. ” Again, you
need to keep on saying enjoy every time you think of a lift even if
it does not ring true. You will be amazed how in a very short
period of time you will be able to manage your fear of lifts.)

Self Esteem;

Disadvantaged – Experienced / Advantaged
Failure – Successful /Experienced
Lazy – Industrious
Misunderstood – Understood Recognised
Not Worthy – Worthwhile / Successful
Scared – Confident
Shy – Friendly / Bold / Assertive
Stupid – Clever / Astute / Alert
Ugly – Colourful Attractive
Uptight – Confident / Relaxed
Unlucky – Successful Deserved
Weak – Strong


Bad Tempered – Controlled
Conservative – Pioneering
Follower – Leader / Self driven
Gullible – Aware / Good judge
Lethargic – Energetic
Intolerant – Understanding / Empathetic
Perfectionist – Relaxed / Understanding
Pessimistic – Optimistic / Sure
Procrastinator – Organised / Disciplined
Reactive – Proactive / Initiator
Sickly – Healthy
Sceptical – Open minded / Interested
Unconfident – Assertive / Confident
Undisciplined – Focused / Disciplined

These words are endless. The above are just some to stimulate your
thinking processes. You will have already noticed and hooked onto
certain dis-empowering words you use frequently. Some you will
already be aware of and some you will be unaware of. Record your
own dis-empowering words, then create a new empowering word.

There are a few words you should look at eliminating from your
vocabulary forever. These words are very dis-empowering and will
sap you of your energy. From this day on, change your focus to the
new empowering word. Never repeating the old dis-empowering word.

Only one more article on this self betterment subject to come.

Collect them all from my website and let me know how you are doing.

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