Revamp Yourself part #12.

part 12 of Revamping Yourself.

This is the last part of Revamping Yourself.


Caution: The process of thought control will be negated if you
persist in using dis-empowering words which counteract the
empowering thoughts.
For example it’s no good saying to yourself “I am Positive” only to
say later “I can’t do that. ” You have just cancelled a proportion
of positiveness you originally generated. The GOLDEN LIFE LAW is
simply, “What you focus on, you get!!!
During the course of a day, if you say 10 positive statements about
yourself and then 10 negative statements. They cancel each other
out and you have achieved nothing. Your subconscious mind is
confused. Remember it gives you what you ask for. The challenge
we face is that often we are unaware of what we ask for, we don’t
realise we are dis-empowering ourselves. That is why these basic
thought exercises are so important. It will set you on the path of
being aware of what you are telling your subconscious mind to do.
The words you use are also a guideline showing you whether you are
empowering or dis-empowering yourself.

If you are applying the exercises, you will have found you have
already started to adjust your thoughts and your thinking. This is
powerful! You are a walking success!

I have realised I have been studying this character-building stuff
since my teens. The motor crash which left me totally blind gave
me the impetus to seek out how success is created.


Your thoughts are real things that transmit into the universe. Your
thoughts influence electromagnetic energy, which in turn influences
atoms, which in turn influences matter. In other words your
thoughts influence the building blocks of the whole Universe.

1. Thought control is an incredibly powerful tool for increasing
personal performance.
2. You already possess the ability to manage and change your
thought patterns effectively.
3. You have far more potential than you realise.

Action Plan:
Thoughts – Words – Tasks = Action

All the previous 11 blogs on Revamping Yourself can be foundon this
website. The suggestion is to collect them all and refer to them
from time to time.

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