The Maasai of East Africa.

Blogger Barry: The regular followers of my blogs will know I am
hugely interested in Anthropology and enjoy reading about ancient
humanity. Recently, I came across the following video clip and

See how Maasai warriors steal a Lion kill

More about this interesting tribe:

Initiation into warrior hood involved killing a lion single
handedly. A group of men would encircle a lion. The initiate
entered the circle armed only with his spear.

Sometimes he was successful, sometimes he was killed out right, or
he was badly injured. If he was still alive, he was left outside
the thorn fence boma which surrounded the beehive shaped huts, and
the hyena finished him off. It was a very bad event if someone
died inside the boma. The whole village had to move to a new
location, building new beehive huts, a hut on stilts inside the
boma for the goats and the rest of the space inside left for the
cattle at night.

The boma was circular with the huts in a single ring just inside
the thorn. Each hut had a fire place and sleeping place and could
only be entered by bending double to get through the very low door.

Inside, it was only just possible to stand up straight depending on
how tall you are.

The Maasai drink fresh cow’s blood mixed with fresh cow’s milk as
part of their staple diet. Whilst several men held a cow, a thin
leather strap was put round its neck and pulled tight enough to
raise the jugular. The head was pulled slightly to one side to
tighten the neck. A man with bow and arrow squatted beside the cow
and gently fired his arrow into the jugular. The resulting blood
flow was caught in a gourd and later mixed with the milk.
Sometimes a thin reed is used like a straw to collect the blood.
The bleeding was stopped by pressing a paste of saliva and earth
over the puncture, holding it there for the requisite amount of

If one stopped at a village (which is called a manyata) the moran
(warriors) would come to the car to look in the mirror on the
outside of the door. They’d never seen themselves before and there
will be much laughter and ribbing each other. The women and
children stood watching at a respectful distance.

Their cattle were their wealth and they believed that all the
cattle on earth had been given to them by God.

Many years ago, a young white district officer lost his life when
he singled out a certain beast for slaughter during a so-called
culling operation to reduce the herd number. The moran concerned
had nurtured this animal when it was a calf. He threw his spear
right through the district officer, killing him instantly.

In those days, the Maasai’s territory ranged across the plains in
Tanganyika (Serengeti) into Kenya and the Rift Valley, Maasai Mara
being one of the well known names today.

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