Extract from Joy Adamson.

Joy Adamson’s Africa by Joy Adamson.

Is a quick under 3 hour read, telling of her enchanting life with
most of it about things natural, in Eastern Africa.

“The colony clinging to a dead twig comprised the whole of a flower
so real in its conviction that one could only expect the scent of
spring. My real moment of astonishment however, was yet to come.

The Coral Flower that the flatted bug imitates does not exist in
nature. The flatted bug society had created the form.

While I was suffering mental indigestion from the extraordinary
statement, the imminent Kenyan, now contributed further material to
my flatted bug bewilderment. He told me that at his Corindian
Museum, they had bred generations of the little creatures and from
each batch of eggs that the female lays, there will always be at
least one producing a creature with green wings, not Coral and
several with wings of in between shades.

I looked closely. At the tip of the insect flower, there was a
single green bug. Behind it were half a dozen showing only strains
of coral. Behind these on the twig crouched the full length of the
flat bug society, all with wings of purest coral to complete the
creation and deceive the eyes of the hungriest of birds.

Leeky shook the stick. The startled colony rose from its twig.
They seemed no different in flight from any other swarm of moths
that one encounters in the african bush. Then they returned to the

They alighted in no particular order, and for an instant the twig
was alive with the little creatures climbing over each others
shoulders in what seemed random movement. But the movement was not
random. Shortly the twig was still, and one behold again the
flower. The full blown rank and file had resumed their accustomed
places. The lovely Coral flower that does not exist in nature, had
been created before my eyes.

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