Is OK good enough…

Hello Blog reader

Is ‘OK’ really good enough?
Is getting the ‘job done’ actually enough to stir the blood?

You don’t want mediocrity. You don’t want slackers. Because you
don’t want the problem people – You want solution seekers.
You don’t want difficult dwellers, you want rise-abovers.
You want your business to soar!

‘Mediocre’ has never been something that’s inspired me. ‘Good
Enough’ has never filled me with excitement. It never ever will.

If you want the motivated. The fresh thinkers. The Yes we-canners.

Then it is time for one of Barry’s Inspiring presentations. Barry
Blomkamp is one of SA’s Top inspirational speakers.

Here’s a guy whose whole life went COMPLETELY SOUR! Is there a
LESSON here?

Almost killed and tragically blinded in a horrible motor crash,
Barry Blomkamp extracted a huge lesson from his experience.

With 25 years of business experience – first as an award-winning
service industry executive, then as a public relations practitioner
and now a social entrepreneur. Ex racing driver, Barry runs
numerous business improvement and team enhancing workshops and
consults to leading corporations, taking his emphatic life changing
message right into the hearts and minds of many thousands of South

Meet Barry and his gorgeous guide-dog, Vixen by clicking on…

“You don’t need eye-sight to have Vision.”

So to “Get the Job Done” book Barry and Vixen to address your team
on anyone of his Inspirational/ Motivational or Sales topics, or
breakfast/dinner entertaining Performances or as a great and unique
Master-of-Ceremonies – Call 083 230-5753 or eMail
Barry right Now.

Jeanne Boyack: “Thank YOU for inspiring us and for getting
everyone talking about how good life is. Your story of recovery
and how you have managed to put your life back together again after
such a traumatic accident, is incredible. The ability to see
through what life throws at one and of course, to understand the
consequences of what we do in life and thus how important our
choices are, is something we cannot hear enough of. Thank you so
much for putting new pearls into my life!”

Barry Blomkamp is a popular guest on many Radio and TV shows and
his client list includes most of SA’s bluechip companies.

Thank you for your ongoing support. We do not, and never will!
take you and your trust in us for granted.

Thanx for your time and please pass this message on to as many as
you would like.

Warmest of regards and hoping to “see” you soon. All the very best
for your holiday season.

From the office of Barry Blomkamp Nd. BSc (UL)

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please reply with remove in your subject box or report abuse to

NB: This communication conforms with the Protection of Personal
Information Act 4 of 2013 (POPI Act) of South Africa.

Copyright Barry Blomkamp. 2015. All Rights Reserved.

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