Legend, Brian Peek passes away.

Brian Lawrence Peek: 09/03/1937 – 24/02/2016.

Sadly for all at WPMC, Brian Peek passed away suddenly on the 24th
February 2016, just 14 days before his 79th Birthday.

Brian’s love of Motor Sport started back in the mid to late 1950’s,
at the tender age of 19, when he raced a rather quick Renault
Dauphine. His engineer father had ported and gas-flowed the head
and made up a “special” exhaust branch. “I loved beating the VW
Beetles, also called The German Roller!”. This was the time when
Killarney had corners called Tower Bend, named after the Commentary
tower. That piece of tarmac is still used today, to move
spectators past the Clubhouse.

Later Brian got involved in Regularity Rallies in a Alfa Romeo, a
brand of cars he loved all his life and owned many. He also
competed in the Blind Navigators Rallies in which he took
instructions from a Blind braille reading person in the jump seat.
The late Vic Procter and Brian were friendly rivals, and to this
day, a Brian Peek and Vic Procter trophy is awarded to a successful
blind person.

Marie, his late wife and Brian became an integral part of the WPMC
doing the essential duties of time-keeping for a number of years.
“I traded in my competition licence for a marriage licence!”

Brian and Marie started their life together in a caravan at Pelican
Park, later to move to a comfortable house in Panorama. Both sons,
Michael and Derek, raced Karts at Killarney for a period.

The Peek’s home was often the desired place to watch Formula 1. To
be invited was a huge privilege, as Marie’s hospitality was out-of-
this-world. These events often turned into a raucous pool party.

Brian joined marshals and later held the distinguished position of
Chief Marshal for many years. I remember seeing him first flagging
just past the Dunlop bridge, into Hoals Hoek, when Ernest Viljoen
came off the track and appeared to chase Brian! I’ve never seen
Brian moving those short legs so fast and getting himself up onto
the wall!

On the passing of his father, Brian took over the management of the
family business, Peek Packaging. Sadly, the factory went up in
flames and Brian had to close Peek Packaging. Brian was a very
clever and resourceful packaging engineer and had an enormous
ability to understand the machines and repair them. At the time of
his passing, Brian was working for Medichem in Atlantis, running
their entire packing process.

In the beginning, The “Voice of Motor Sport” had nothing to do with
Motor Sport at all. In the early years, Brian did some work for
the SABC, reading children stories on the radio. Then Chairman
Dennis Joubert noticed this good voice and asked Brian to help out
in the commentary section and that was that! Brian has commented
on Motor Sport events all around South Africa in all forms of the
sport. Main Circuit, Karts, Short and Half Main circuits, Enduro
bikes, Rallies, and MX bikes was his favourite. Brian’s “Voice of
Motor Sport” was extremely well known and well liked all over our
country for over 3 decades.

For around 5 years, Brian absolutily loved doing commentary on the
Stanic special rallies with Gerhard Kriel. They travelled the
country with Stan Wesson driving the well beloved Stanic commentary
van. It boasted some huge speakers on the roof, while inside it
was the very barest of essentials. Microphones, sleeping bags,
brandy and beer! By the time they arrived at Killarney to do the
final stage, they’d have been “on the road” for over 24 hours.
Their intrusion into the commentary box was instant, as if someone
had brought in a freshly made midden! The fragrance of un-washed
bodies and bad breath was really “in your face”!

When the old Dunlop bridge was demolished and the commentary box
with it, a new box was created right on top of the race office
block. With a 360 glassed view, it was superb, but part of the
design was a sort-of raised stage section in the middle. Dennis
Joubert: “That is so Peek can see over the heads”.

Long standing member, Brian’s name can be found on the Roll of
Honour board. Over the many years, Brian has been awarded many
trophies for his various functions and achievements he has done for
the WPMC.

Brian was in good health all his life. Recently, we in the
commentary box noticed Brian complaining of competitors numbers
being too small and he was making a few basic errors. He had his
cataracts done and he was soon back to his usual high level of
energetic commentary.

Brian leaves his two sons, Michael and Derek and two Grandsons,
Stuart and Daniel. A good few years ago, Michael emigrated to New
Zealand where Brian went to visit him and came back with terrific
stories of his fabulous holiday. Having learned from his father,
and keeping the family talent going, to this day, Derek is still an
essential part of the WPMC commentary team.

There is no doubt all at Killarney and over the country are going
to miss the great and renowned Brian Peek.

Rest in Peace Brian!

Blogger Barry: It was back in 1988, when I was laying in hospital,
terribly depressed when Brian and Dave Bayley came to visit me.
“your racing is obviously over Barry, we want you to join the
commentary team.” “you gotta be joking. How the hell does a blind
man commentate?” “Don’t worry, we’ll put braille numbers on the

Thanks to Brian and Dave, I am proud to still be a small part of
the WPMC commentary team and the WPMC club.

Blogger Barry: Thanks for your time. Hope you enjoyed. Please
use the comment and follow buttons.

Barry Blomkamp Nd. Bsc (UL)
Professional Public Speaker, Trainer and Corporate Entertainer,
Motivational speaker, Guest & Key note speaker, Seminar &
Conference speaker, Team Builder, Comedian, Master of Ceremonies,

For your Strategic Planning sessions, Management or Sales meetings,
Conferences and/or Seminars, Award functions, Year end parties,
Christmas parties,

Cape Town, South Africa.

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