Brian Peeks Memorial Service.

‘The Life of Brian!’

The WPMC clubhouse at the International Killarney raceway circuit
was packed to the brim on the 6th March 2016, with many folk who
gave Brian a good and well deserved “send off.”

“The Racing Reverent” Gareth Easom spoke well in a well handled and
informal service.

Lots of his beloved family and friends came up to chat about the
life and times of Brian and just what a hugely helpful man he was
and how he changed and touched the hearts of so many. His
neighbour from across the road, Hayden Jonas, Arlene Brown, Sons,
Michael, Derek and grandson Daniel all spoke a wonderful touching
tribute from the heart.

On behalf of my family, the below was nicely read out by Rev

Brian, thanks for being my Peekinese Guide Dog!

Brian, thanks for taking me to the track time after time. Although
it hasn’t been quite the same in the Cherry!

Brian, thanks for those wonderful long drives out into the country
in your Alfas and the splendid lunches!

Brian, thanks for being at all our families milestone parties.

Brian, thanks for the terrific support on the passing of our son!

Brian, thanks for the delightful nights when we chatted deep into
the morning and put the Scotch away!

Brian, thanks for the excellent motor racing and cricket debates!

Brian, thanks for all the great annual commentators braais over the
many years!

Brian, thanks for being such a good mate!

Rest in Peace, Brian.

Barry & Julie Blomkamp.

Barry: Brian will be hugely missed both on and off track at very
many homes and types of racing events all around SA. Already the
Blind Navigators Rally and the Karting sections have given him a
very special ‘send off”. On 10 March the Tygerburg Radio Motor
Sport show will be holding “The Brian Peek Tribute Show” at 8pm, in
which all his commentator mates will chat about the “Life of
Brian!”. The next Main Circuit event at Killarney on 19th March
has be re-named the Brian Peek Memorial races and we are hoping to
have a parade of Alfa Romeos and Renualt Dauphines on the track in
respect of Brians life-long love of the former and examples of the
Renault he raced in the 1950’s.

Blogger Barry: Thanks for your time. Hope you enjoyed. Please
use the comment and follow buttons.

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