South Africa’s First Serious Automobile crash.

On 1st October 1903, Mr Charles Garlick driving his father’s new
24hp Darracq, with his friend Harry Markham and chauffeur
Snellgrove as passengers, entered the Maitland level crossing from
an open gate, only to find the opposite gate closed.

Before they could open the gate or reverse out of the crossing,
they were hit by the Johannesburg Express travelling at full speed.

Snellgrove was thrown clear, Garlick suffered minor injuries and
Markham, with his arm already in splints from a previous
engine-cranking mishap, had a badly broken thigh.

It was announced that the Garlick workshop would undertake repairs
to the Darracq.

A new chassis was obtained from Paris and the final result
testified to the efficiency of Cape Town’s first motor repairers.

From ‘Early Motoring in South Africa’ by R.H. Johnston

Barry: Interested to see the names Garlick and Markham both of
which would become large retailers in Cape Town. I wonder if they
were related.

Barry#2: Wikipeadia research revealed the following: Automobiles
Darracq S.A. was a French motor vehicle manufacturing company
founded in 1896 by Alexandre Darracq after selling his Gladiator
Bicycle company. By 1905 it established branches in the UK, Spain
and Italy and then expanded into both cars and aviation engines. In
1920 the British arm became the majority shareholder in
Sunbeam-Talbot-Darracq (‘STD Motors’) which was sold to the Rootes
group in 1935 such that Darracq ceased to be a distinct marque,
instead becoming a badge-engineered Sunbeam.

A new partnership, Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili (ALFA),
acquired the business, which in 1914 was taken over by Nicola
Romeo, who created Alfa Romeo.

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