Celibrating Bruce Blomkamp, our late son .

Sunday the 10th of April, our late son, Bruce would have celibrated
his 29th Birthday.

Instead, it is a troubling day for our family. Bruce passed away
in Red Cross Childrens Memorial Hospital on the 16th May 2002 at
the age of 15.

“Time is not the healer – Time is the teacher”

14 years later, I at last can write about our Bruce. The passing
of a child is probably the worst thing that can happen to any
parent. 100 times worse than going blind! The scar is deep and
remains very scratchy for years before time does indeed teach…
and that remains a slow process.

From about the age of 7, Bruce would love being with me at motor
racing and really enjoyed being my companion and guide for the day.
He was just as passionate and enthusiastic as I was.

To give you a tiny idea of how much the F1 Grand Prix circus has
meant to our little family… and the likes of Murray Walker,
Gordon Murray, Dieter and other South Africans who were involved at
the highest level…

In 2002, when our Bruce passed away, he was well known by many of
the greats in Motor Sport, Murray Walker, Dieter Renken, and a
certain Shirley Robinson, formerly of the BAR Honda team. She is
a cousin to Julie, Bruce’s mum.

In may 2002, the news of Bruce’s passing flew around the world to
the point it even hit the paddock of the Monarco GP that year…
We got many calls of condolence from friends all over.

Bruce was born with a deformed heart requiring 2 open heart
operations in his short life – We were never cautioned a bout of
influenza could be as bad as it was.

We all miss you boykie!

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1 thought on “Celibrating Bruce Blomkamp, our late son .

  1. Bruce and I became best friends the moment we met, he was my best friend the only true person I could ever call a true friend, we were like brothers we did everything together and our lives were pretty awesome. When Bruce passed it was like I lost my brother the pain we all felt was the worst thing I have ever experienced in my life. Aunty Julie and Uncle Barry were so strong through it all, they taught me allot about life and showed strength to the likes I had never seen before also Ross true strength through it all. It took me a while to pluk up courage to say a few words but as a sign of respect to my best friend I had to say something. Bruce we miss you buddy I miss you I’m sure by now we would have been famous on jackass and as awesome as ever. I look forward to one day meeting you again, you brought such joy to all our lives and I would like to thank you one day again in heaven. Aunty Julie, Uncle Barry and Ross I’m sending you my love, I hope to see you all soon.

    With all my love, Richard

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