5 Exceptional Friends of NOTE

Hello Friends

This is quite a story… Please bear with me…

Recently, a hellova fine friend, Wayne Gouldie, gave me his old
iPhone. For which I am hugely grateful. It has changed my life!

For the majority of the 28 years of my blindness, I’ve been using
a DOS based system – very fast – easy – am very comfortable with it
– and so on. However, it is not connected to the internet and
anything to do with mails and messages were being sent on a memory
stick via the household (non talking) computer.

Oh yes, I’ve tried virtually every bit of the “talking tech” out
there, but never relaxed with any of it. It was just too slow for
me to, analyze and reply to approx 50 to 80 emails a day!

Then I finally realised I was missing out big-time on the digital
space and, the up potential it could do for my businesses.

I tried Androids Talkback facility with no success. Me missus is
using it now with great delight! and Talkback turned off!

Then Good Mate, Wayne jumped into the trench for me and gave me
this wonderful little Apple! In hours, I fell head over heels in
love with it! It is the REAL cutting-edge of “talking tech” for the
blind. I’ve been chewing away at it for the past month!

Within days I had the phone set to my liking. There is where
special people #2 (Afrihost call centre) were a great help. They
assisted me in getting the mailbox set-up perfectly with superb and
understanding customer service.

Then we soon realised our current Wi-Fi router had a very poor
signal, thus eating up phone data when there was plenty of
Afrihost’s available!

I just happened to phone an old friend, Craig Woodenberg, who used
to lift me daily to Panasonic years ago. Hearing the Wi-Fi issue,
he put his hand up and dropped off a good router and in hours, we
were full strength connected. Craig and Joe O’Carol are special
friends #3 in this little saga!

I downloaded apps – WhatsApp (which is terrific) and now working
out how to use Facebook, google, Twitter and others.

4 days ago, and for the first time in my life, I had a “look” at
my website! I was wonderfully stunned to find just what a tops
site it is – even if I say so myself.

In 2013, I was looking at re-freshing up the site with a complete
new look and overhaul. I was introduced to a lovely lady, Liliane
Becht, who I was told, is excellent at what she does.

Since then, I’ve had many comments on the excellent quality and
design of the site. Man, Oh Man, she is a web Master of Note! and
there it was on my phone! Working like a bomb! and all the
hundreds of comments to my blogs I’ never “seen”! ever before! and
now I can, with the superb help of my shiny Apple and Liliane!

Back in 2010, Ross put up a Facebook page for me. Just to really
help with business and Google rankings. However, it was not managed
very well. Now my Apple of my Eye, allows me to get to the Core of
Facebook and really Stew!
I found hundreds of messages and comments going back 6 years!!
Some from friends I haven’t heard from in decades. What a phone!

Also, I must hand out a huge THANKS to Cellucity, N1 City, Cape
Town, for their superb service in assisting me with this fabulous
device. Clint the manager has been a very special guy in helping
me out with all sorts of things.

Give all 5 of my very Special friends a Bells! Between them, my
eyes have been opened!

Liliane can be found at: http://www.editandimprove.wordpress.com

Wayne at www.nationaledging.co.za

Clint at Cellucity N1 City.

Craig at www.MasterParts.com

and Afrihost at www.Afrihost.co.za

Blogger Barry: Thanks for your time. Hope you enjoyed. Please
use the comment and follow buttons.

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