Our Capitec experience.

Hi Folks,

This past Saturday morning was a morning of bitter & sweet.

Firstly, Telkom had taken our homes ADSL hotspot away so we had to go to their shop in N1 City to attempt to sort it out. Very long queues, service fair and a very long wait on hold to the call centre only to be told after 40 minutes, “Mr Blomkamp, you have logged the fault and you must just wait for a technitian to contact you”. In the meantime, we have no Telkom at home and no internet, meaning no work, no business, and much hotter frustration!
Agonizingly BITTER!

After an hour there, my guide dog, Vixen, my wife and I stomp off to Capitec Bank to open an account.

To our utter surprise and delight, Capitec Bank was a very
different experience to the previous. Pleasantly SWEET!

We go to the desk where a smiley and friendly young lady asks us what are we gonna do, gives us a queuing ticket and we amble to go and sit and wait.

That’s when I notice a lady on a loud speaker telling all the bankers what is happening with the queuing situation and what gap is at each consultants desk. My wife tells me what the speaker lady is saying matches what is happening on a large screen.
Stunning! Great announcing systems for the blind and the screen for the deaf. Nice, Neat and orderly. Perfect for any diffrently abled person!

The feeling in the bank is unusual happiness. Everybody quite content to wait a bit. I even got my Xhosa out and chatted to a cute little 4 year old girl! Making her giggle in delight.

Then number 102 drops into my earhole and we go over to consultant no. 10. The lovely Wilmarie greets us in a smiling voice “Good morning. How can I help you today?”

After about half an hour, and lotsa finger prints, downloading the Capitec Banking App right there, our account is open. We are asked to hang on just a bit, “The manager wants to welcome you to

As a blind person, I’m afraid I don’t like these open-plan type of consultancy areas. I am rotten at lip-reading! and find the open- plan too noisy to hear exactly what Wilmarie was saying. A small little gripe in a good experience.

A then happy Stormers supporter Reagan welcomes us very nicely. He and I weren’t to know at that point our Stormers would crummble to pieces in their quarter final later on Saturday evening!!

The last trick is over to teller, bianca to pop in a holding deposit, ending this superb experience with her saying “Have a wonderful day”!

Yes, that part of Saturday was indeed wonderful but we still have no Telkom! and then our Stormers go out of the Super Rugby

Blogger Barry: Thanks for your time. Hope you enjoyed. Please use the comment and follow buttons.

Barry Blomkamp Nd. Bsc (UL)

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