AGg no… Barry is chewing on another sweet Apple Affair. Read on…

Hello Granny Smith!

Here’s another crunchy bite forward with my Apple saga…

The 4 year old iPhone so kindly given to me by Wayne and which
has changed my life Oh so completely, Received a brand new
battery on Tuesday from the Apple Doctor in Maitland.

From our arrival, Vixen, Julie and I were warmly treated by all
from the security guy right through to the reception desk where
we met Zainoera. Oozing with efficiency and sweetness, she asked
all the right questions to get things moving swiftly.

my Apple was picked out of my pocket and put on the repair shops
production line to be de-skinned, the core replaced and de-

We sat on the waiting couch to have Deana serve us a lovely hot,
delicious cuppa Rooibos and coffee whilst we chatted to the
charming office staff. Then Karen Apple stalked over, swooning
and gushing over my beautiful guide dog, Vixen. Who, by the way,
also loves Apples and, can be quite devicive to get one!

We then found out Karen is one of those staunch and compassionate
folk who rescue dogs. She currently has 3 and her car is covered
in weird painted paw prints!!

It was no more than a half hour later when Zainoera called us
back to the desk to meet Aviary.

Aviary is the bird in the Apple tree who did the battery
replacement, and answered all of my technical questions

Next person to come over and chat was Patrick. Patrick is the
Vodacom guy who once kindly helped me a number of years ago with
my talking Nokia Navigator. It was good to eye-ball him again
from behind my shades!

As I was rubbing my restored, shiny Apple, Zainoera noticed I had
observed the headset and charging sockets had been plugged. “We
have put them in to protect against dust and damp”. Sometimes
we forget to mention this and folk come back to tell us “Why
can’t I get the charger to plug in!!”

It is with tremendous gratitude I thank Gavin of Cellucity for
his great generosity, who organised with the Apple Doctors
manager, Bronwen, for my sweet little Apple to be re-cored! Give
that man a triple Appletiser!

The root of this trunk call, is I leaf you with another great
Apple experience! This is one Doctor you don’t want to keep

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