Nature from Hoedspruit

Dear all FB Friends,

This blog is an interesting bit I’ve extracted from a very good
friends recent email. Margret is disabled with a Rheumatic
condition, and only recently has been able to walk again after
superb treatment from her homeopathic doctor. Margaret is lucky
to live on her 22 hectare plot in the LIverpool Conservancy near
Hoedspruit in the lowveld. We met via email after I’d been
interviewed on SAFM Radio 4 years ago. She writes beautifully
on what nature is doing in her area…

“Last time I was at Cleve’s I saw a very big warthog together
with the sow & 3 quite big baby hogs. They were not far from
Cleve’s house.

At dusk the other evening the Drongo were making a racket & then
the Spotted Eagle owl flew low past the front of the house with
a Drongo streaking after it, still yelling loudly. Poor owl,
it must get fed up with them.

I have a new pair of birds I’ve not seen before – yellow
bellied Bul Buls. They have a very different call from the
ordinary Bul Buls & are a pale greeny yellow tinged with grey.
Very mild colouring but very pretty, especially in the sun light.

Roberts Birds of South Africa says the yellow bellied Bulbul eats
berries, flowers & insects. The other one we have here, the
black eyed Bulbul, eats soft fruit, berries & insects. They must
be existing on insects as there is no fruit or berries here at
the moment. The habitats they choose are about the same – trees
& fairly thick bush.

Blogger Barry: Thanks for your time. Hope you enjoyed.

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