Stuck up….

This is a fishing story from Tom Arnot. Apparently all true.
he told me this story recently.

Many years ago, his father took him and brother Paul, night
fishing on a beach on the Natal coast.

Tom being about 10 years old and Paul a couple of years older,
they were extremely excited young lads to be fishing with Dad at
night. Under the stars with torches and all.

An hour into the fishing each was holding their rods and
concentrating on any movement on the lines, when Dad suddenly
said I’m going to the bush! and grabbed the roll of toilet paper
and sprinted up the beach.

10 minutes later, there was a loud shout from the dark bushes
behind them… “Paul, bring me the fishing bag.”

Paul was already looking after Dads rod and was now not sure what
to do. Excessively perturbed by having had the instruction,
“Never leave your rod alone. You might get a strike and the fish
will pull your rod and reel right into the sea!”

Again a very loud shout came, “Paul get the bloody well over here
with the fishing bag! Right now!”

Paul then handed both rods to little Tom to grapple with, grabbed
the bag and loped off into the bush to find his Dad. Leaving
little 10 year old Tom holding 3 big heavy coast fishing rods.

All Tom heard coming from the distant bush was, “There is a tube
of Germylin in there, Give it to me now!”

In the pitch dark is when it happened… Paul had had indeed
found a tube in the tackle bag but… It was Plibond Contact

How Stuck Up is that???

Blogger Barry: Thanks for your time. Hope you enjoyed.

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