Hoedspruit Cows from Margaret.

Barry: Another lovely bit of Margaret’s writing proving dem
Bovine are not dumb creatures.

Hudson & the cows now arrive almost simultaneously, but from
different directions. They stream past the house to their
preferred grazing patch, & he sits down not far from the house.

About 1 o’clock, the matriarch (she’s 17) leads the others back
to the house to tell Hudson they are ready to go home, & off they
all go.

He doesn’t give them water at home before he brings them here so
that by 1 p.m., they are really ready, all of them, to go home

Baboons will eat anything, including small mammals & birds. The
other day, around 12, they were on the lower section of my plot,
squabbling as usual. The matriach heard them. The next
thing Hudson & I saw was the entire herd streaming through
the bush (at the run if you were big enough, at the canter
if small) following the matriach who was determined to chase
away the baboons. And chase them away she did! There
was complete silence afterwards!

Blogger Barry: Thanks for your time. Hope you enjoyed.

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