A Chopper crash.

Barry: Againsent from Margret in Hoedspruit. I’ve changed the

Brent’s sister Sharon, owns & runs a “falcon & other birds”
flying concern near the Lion Park, Pietermaritzburg, giving shows
to the public. She’s also involved in trying to save & breed

She & 3 others were flying in a helicopter in the Natal midlands
berg, looking for a particular vulture nest. Beautiful day for
flying, snow on the ground. Chopper came down. When it crashed,
Sharon was hanging upside down from her safety belt, was somehow
released, none of them injured apart from cuts & bruises, all got
out, chopper burst into flames. WOW, were they lucky!

The Civil Aviation investigators have been to see her as well as
telephoned her often hoping to get as many details as possible.

She can’t tell them much, as she had her eyes shut & was praying
madly. She & the others are rarities as so few people survive
helicopter crashes that the investigators cannot ask them what

Brent, (a very experienced chopper pilot) when asked his opinion
before she flew, said that that particular helicopter was just
too small & didn’t have enough power for that rarified air. Also
the pilot did not have enough experience flying in what is a very
different flying environment. The pilot did, though, go by the
book according to the weights etc., that the helicopter could
carry. Sharon did not have the final say on which helicopter was
used, but if my so very experienced brother had said that to me,
I would most definitely have stayed on the ground, vulture nest
or not.

Blogger Barry: Thanks for your time. Hope you enjoyed.

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