Silver Falcons awesome display at Killarney International Raceway.

Hello all FB friends & blog followers,

On this past Saturday, and during our lunch break at the
Killarney International Raceway, our SAAF Silver Falcons popped
up in the blue sky above our commentary box to give the huge
crowd a show of awesome & brilliant proportions.

For this bline commentator, the entire experience was greatly
enhanced by some of my colleagues telling me what was going on
up there.

Although never a pilot, I was a citizen force member of the Air
Force back in the mid 70’s and have always been an aeroplane nut
since the age of 5 when my parents moved in right next to the
Waterkloof Air Base.

Back in our commentary box, the flight of 5 Silver Falcons flew
in from their Langebaan Weg base. Appearing from the Table View
side to fly over the thronging circuit and entertain with a
daring and an extravaganza of a display.

Then I heard another radio squawking on the desk and found out
it was the voice of the Formation Leader as told to me by
Lieutenant Jason Hartt (Ground Liaison Officer)

As the aerobatic flight droned along in the 5 Silver Pilatus
P45’s, I could listen to their leader setting up their next
manoeuvre and discussing with his other 4 pilots where to
position themselves off his wing tips etc. (At times no more
than 5 metres apart!)

When all lined up nicely in formation, and not much more than
1000 feet up, I could hear the Leader “Number 1 Go!, Number 2 GO!
Number 3 Go! etc.” and each plane broke formation and zip off
to their own part of the sky. (At times developing as much as
7 G’s! That is 7 times the normal gravitational pull on ones
body, and the reason the pilots wear pressurised “G Suites”. If
they did not, the blood would rush from their heads and they
would black-out!)

The visual picture I could quite easily and fully imagine. It
was stunning. It Took me back to being on parade at Donnotar Air
Base when a flight of Harvards came roaring just a couple of
hundred feet over my head.

The approximate 20 minute show was out of this world and the many
thousand Motor Racing enthusiasts out there on the stands and/or
braaiing there heritage Day or national Braai day chops and wors
were entertained to the enth degree, Particularly as the last
drill was for 4 of the planes created a small 2X2 air corridor
gap for the final pilot to fly his plane right through the
formation with his wings vertical! and at full speed! It blew
our socks off!

As they flew off back to Langebaanweg, each of the pilots chatted
to the cheering and milling crowd over our PA system.

Huge thanks go out to the South African Air Force Silver Falcons
for that massive and extraordinary show.

Coming back to actual racing on the ground, we all had another
terrific & sensational days motor racing at Killarney.

Blogger Barry: Sorry no pics or video, I am still working out
how to use my phones facility! Maybe some of you out there in
the FB space would like to share and attach your pics and Vid
clips and share?

Till next we chat!

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