Nature is not intelligent, by Koobie Kruger.

Hello FBees,

Here is a very interesting extract from a great book I’ve just
finished reading. It is a must read!

Malangeni – Stories of a Game Rangers family by Koobie Kruger.

If nature had been left to run the course of Kruger Park, after
its final boundaries were proclaimed in 1926, the Kruger Park
would today be a barren waste land.

Because Nature, unlike man, is not an intelligent being that can
think, plan, or act consciously, nor is she a divine spirit with
a master plan for the protection of her creatures. Nature does
not really care what happens to her creatures. Because actually
you see, she doesn’t exist.

Nature is merely a term invented by man. What happens to natures
creatures is an on going story which is not preordained by the
laws of nature, but by time, circumstance and contingency. The
survival of the fittest therein is not a blueprint of nature,
there to cull the sick, the lame and the lazy, in order to make
place for the strong and healthy, it is a vary of circumstance
and should actually be called the survival of the fittest in the
particular circumstance variable.

When a natural catastrophe occurs, those who survive it, survive
by chance because, they happen to carry the genes of whatever
trait stands the best chance of surviving in the particular
catastrophe. Nature herself does not care who survives and who

For many centuries, man didn’t care either. Until finally it
dawned upon him that the activity of his own species were driving
many other species into extinction.

For some time, it seemed impossible to stop the destruction. For
even as conservation areas were being established, mans ideas of
conservation proved wanting, and in many instances, led to

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