Book extract on Humans and Animals.

Hello FBees and blog followers,

Here is another very interesting extract from a great book I’ve
just finished reading. It is a must read!

Gerald Durrells Army by Edward Whitley.

People are so blind about animals. It is as if we’ve forgotten
where we belong in this World.

People tend to look at animals and say either, Ooh isn’t he cute
or yuck, how ugly.

We think a dog is intelligent because it fetches sticks and a cat
is cute because it purrs, and a sloth is mentally retarded
because it is so slow, and that a slug is simply disgusting.

These are human judgements which separate us from animals. We
admire them if they show signs of behaving like us.

But if they get too close, like apes or chimpanzees, we laugh at

The very expression to ape someone, is interesting because it is
complementary to the animal in getting that sophisticated.

but at the same time it is firmly derogatory, and puts them in
their place. They are just animals, We’re Humans!

But we have hardly made such a success of the World that we have
a right to hold ourselves up as this paragon of intelligence.
If only we thought of ourselves as animals, we would solve the
root of our problems. Nature has created a place for both of us
and we should help each other.

Blogger Barry: Thanks for your time. Hope you enjoyed as much
as I did. Please share to your friends.

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