Duikers, Greysbok and the Nyala.

Barry: Another great bit of Margaret’s Wild Life writing from
the Hoedspruit area.. I call them my Nature Videos…

The Common Duiker’s shoulder height is 60cm, mass 12 to 16kg.
Gestation period 210 days. Body length is not given.

Nor is it for the Greysbok, but they are slightly shorter.
Gestation period 165 days, single young. They will hide in
disused Aardvark holes when pursued, & are found in pairs or
solitary. Primarily a browser, occasionally feeding on young

The Nyala has a shoulder height of 91 to 107cm & a mass of 100
to 126kg. Gestation period 252 days. Primarily a browser, but
will graze. A handsome, striking antelope inhabiting dense bush
& riverine vegetation where they are not easily seen. It has a
deep bark not unlike the Bushbuck.

Males conspicuously different from females in colour (a milk
chocolate like but dull, brown) & size. Shaggy coat,
well-developed on the underbelly, ears large, distinctive white
chevron between the eyes. Sides marked with numerous white
stripes. Bushy tail. Females light in colour without horns.

Congregate in herds up to 30 strong. Solitary animals are not
uncommon. Move freely by day.

Blogger Barry: Thanks for your time. Hope you enjoyed as much
as I did. Please share to your friends.

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