Book extract on Humans and Animals.

Hello FBees and blog followers,

Here is another very interesting extract from a great book I’ve
just finished reading. It is a must read!

All the way home. Stories from an African Wildlife Sanctuary by
Bookie Peek.

Gripping the carcus of the Dassie in her enormous talons, the
Black Eagle strips off tiny pieces of meat with her beak, and
offers them to her downie white chick. What stirs Richard the
most, time after time, is the maternal tenderness he sees in
those fierce black eyes.

Yet, for all its apparent innocence, Rich is looking in on the
scene of a ritual killing, as the stronger chick would almost
certainly have pecked its weaker sibling to death, within 3 or
4 days of its hatching.

This nasty little drama is known as the Cane and Able syndrom,
and the bloodied remains of Able may still be in the nest when
Rich takes his first pictures.

It seems unnatural, and even heartless that their mother does
nothing to intervene. Making no effort to keep her ailing chick

No matter how we judge it from a human perspective, this is no
intentional act of cruelty. It is a strategy that has evolved
over thousands of years to ensure the survival of this particular
eagle. At the very least, it acts as an insurance policy,
because, if one egg fails, there is always another to take its

The Black Eagle, Aquilla Fero, has the feathered legs of true
eagles. The Aristocrats of all the raptors. Immaculately clad in
deep minight black, with a white V lying across their
shoulders, like a mayoral chain, they are to many the most noble
of them all.

Blogger Barry: Thanks for your time. Hope you enjoyed as much
as I did. Please share to your friends.

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