A memory from when my boykie was a lot younger.

Hi all FB & Blog friends,

Mostly, we all try and be the pest parents we possibly can. here
is an agreement between father & son, I found in my computer dating
back to approx 1998. Hopefully teaching him what a contract is


Agreement between Ross (Son) and Barry Blomkamp (Father).

I, Ross Blomkamp hereby agrees to:

1. Trim all edges, mow all lawns and sweep up yard and front
gutter every two weeks.

2. Clean interior and exterior of family car every two weeks.

In return, I Barry Blomkamp hereby promises to increase Ross
Blomkamp’s monthly pocket money to R 50.00 (fifty Rand) on his
completion of mowing lawns and cleaning car.


On condition every thing is done properly and according to his
parents standards.
And all tools, lawnmower and weedeater are well looked after.

Signed: ____________________
Ross Blomkamp (Son)

Signed: ____________________ Dated __________ 1999
Barry Blomkamp (Father)

On this date of __/__/1998.


GARDEN: (Every 2 weeks)

1) Check over lawnmower; Oil and fuel levels, check air filter and
hand test check rotor and blades. Check weedeater.

2) Trim all edges around back lawn and around both front lawns.

3) Mow back and both front lawns (Go around the outside first and
work towards centre. This way there will be less to rake up
afterwards). Save all grass clippings in bag.

4) Sweep up all clippings from back and front lawns, back yard and
front road gutter into another bag.

5) Clean and pack away all tools, weedeater and lawnmower.

6) Report on completion.

CLEANING OF CAR: (Every 2 weeks)

1) Vacumn all footwells, back, ashtrays and dashboard.

2) Sponge down exterior with clean water and dry with chamois.

3) Report on completion.

Blogger Barry: Thanks for your time. Hope you enjoyed? Please
use the comment and follow buttons and share if you like. Til next

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