Prof Jonothan Jansen’s recent open letter.

Hi all FB & Blog friends…

Last week this was read out on radio and which I found a massive
inspiration… Hope it inspires you the same!

Prof Jonathan Jansen’s Letter, Dated: 31 march 2017 on the
occasion of Agmat Kathardra’s funeral.

Show me another country where the Anglican Archbishop prays at a
Muslim funeral;

where a white man chairs the proceedings to remember a leader from
a black liberation movement;

where the sitting president of a developing country is told to step
down in a letter from the deceased stalwart of his own party;

where the widow of the black man being buried is a white woman who
gave her life to the struggle for freedom;

and where Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu and other faiths come
together in a broad swathe of South African humanity to remember a
man who fought for all of us.

Where on and off the stage no one racial or ethnic or religious
group dominated the event.

For a moment, just a moment, it felt good to hope again.

Blogger Barry: Thanks for your time. Hope you enjoyed? Please
use the comment and follow buttons and share if you like. Til next

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