More Great Wildlife from Hoedspruit…

Hi all FB & Blog friends…

Here is another “Print Video” of my friends wildlife sightings
around Hoedspruit. Excellent description of Hyena behaviour…

At 5 the other morning, a hyena called from a very different
direction, from which direction I’ve not heard one call before. I
think it was young as the timbre of its voice was softer than the

About a month ago, an acquaintance & her husband took their caravan
to the Satara camp in the Kruger Park for a few days’ rest & found
their allocated spot was against the fence round the camp.

Consequently, they had a good view of the hyena running up & down
on the other side, & of the other campers chucking bits of meat to
them! She commented that the hyena could so easily have come over
the fence. People! Mostly ignorant no doubt!

Blogger Barry: Thanks for your time. Hope you enjoyed? Please
use the comment and follow buttons and share if you like. Til next

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