More Great reptile Wildlife from Hoedspruit…

Hi all FB & Blog friends…

here is another “print Video” of my friends sightings around
Hoedspruit. Excellent description of reptile behaviour…

During the day, there are often lizards ranging from very small to
about 8 inches long, nose to tail, walking around on the fly screen
mesh on the windows. Sometimes, the bigger ones seem to rest,
clinging on in various attitudes, for quite a while. Perhaps they
feel cooler there.

I enjoy watching them.

But I wasn’t too sure about today’s lunch time visitor. A fully
mature leguaan! It used the burglar bars as well as the mesh to
move up until it got level with the top of the open window. It
then tried to climb onto it to see what was interesting in the
underneath of the thatched overhang. Its one front set of claws
kept slipping on the glass & I was so afraid the claws on one back
foot, firmly anchored in the fly mesh, would tear a hole in it.

Its body was about 8 inches long & wide enough to accommodate,
side by side, 2 of my upper arms, plus some. The tail was a good
18 inches long & the head would have fitted neatly from the tips of
my fingers to just before my wrist, width wise as well.

After thinking about things, the leguaan managed to turn round
without falling off or tearing the mesh, & went down again, slowly
& carefully, head first, until it reached the window sill, where it
disappeared from view.

They usually move slowly, like a crocodile, but they can be
extremely speedy if they want, as the croc can. When threatened,
they lash their tails from side to side, & to be hit by a big one
like this one, would be very painful. Might knock a smaller person
over perhaps?

They are excellent climbers up tree trunks & I know they often
sleep in a “crevice” in the trunk.

Before I had my screen door permanently in, a medium sized leguaan
came into the house & took refuge under my small fridge.

I had to push the fridge to the door, turn it round & then push a
stick underneath, before the leguaan removed itself.

Blogger Barry: Thanks for your time. Hope you enjoyed? Please
use the comment and follow buttons and share if you like. Til next

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