Capitec Bank Amaze.

Hi Folks,

Most of you know my current circumstances and as I need some cash
for the odd purchase, I decided to turn to Capitec Bank for
assistance. Last year we opened an account for Julie which was
a stunning experience.

As I had a couple of Capitec Bank okes on my database, I put out
a mail and in days I got a reply from their local Operations

Not only was the response time fantastic, but they arranged a
meeting in my cottage for the account to be opened!

The excellent Willene popped in and in half an hour, it was all
done and dusted. & I now have a fully operational Capitec Bank

Donations are gladly accepted… LOL!

The tiniest of issues was the Capitec Banking App is a bit blind
unfriendly but after an email chat with JC, it is being looked
into and fixed. A small little gripe in an awesome experience.

Capitec Banks superb service comes as an utter surprise and
delight, compared with the other big four! Stunning!

Blogger Barry: Thanks for your time. Hope you enjoyed? Please
use the comment and follow buttons and share if you like. Til
next time.

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