More Hoedspruit Wildlife.

Hi all FB & Blog friends…

More genuine Wildlife sightings from Hoedspruit… Almost works
like a Youtube for me!

The rabbit’s proper name is Scrub Hare. It is mainly nocturnal &
lies up during the day in thick grass, usually under a bush with
its ears flat. In days gone by, I’ve often accidentally flushed
one when walking in the bush.
It lets you get very close, then explodes out of the grass,
streaking away at great speed in a jinking run. Always gave me a

The other morning there was a Fiery Necked Night Jar resting on
bare ground on the edge of the drive. When I got too close, it
flew a very short distance to land again, to then fly again landing
in amongst grass where I couldn’t see it. Exquisite colouring – if
it didn’t move, one could almost tread on it before seeing it.
Impossible to describe its plumage, very like the francolin’s,
though slightly darker.

Blogger Barry: Hope you enjoyed? Please
use the comment and follow buttons and share if you like. Til next

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